Finally, Fall!

I’m so glad to start getting fall weather. It’s my favorite season, and I’m definitely not a heatwave kinda person. I live in the desert, so I definitely appreciate the cool down!

I’m still working on getting Elsee’s book (book 2 of Rules of Chaos) finished, and it’s been a bit discouraging, since I keep missing my personal deadlines on it. But then I took a minute to look at everything else I’ve had going on (besides the whole surviving 2020 thing).

I’ve ramped up my editing business to the point where it’s not inconceivable I may make a living at it someday. I’ve completed an editing certificate from the University of Chicago Graham School. Currently participating in a mentoring program with the Aces Editing Society (as a mentee). Acted as a judge in the Independent Publishers of New England book awards contest (results not up yet, buy yay New England! My home region.). Kept kids and pets alive, and got half of them started up in online school (the kid half, not the pet half). Oh, and most of the plants are alive too. The ones that aren’t, never started growing in the first place, so not a bad track record for me.

Overall, I’m pleased with everything I’ve gotten done. And I promise I’m making progress on Elsee’s story (her relatives are causing all sorts of problems).

Have a good fall!

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