Liminal Hearts

Rules of Chaos, Book 1

Fall in Vermont is lovely: beautiful leaves, cool days, slimy lake monsters, an evil unicorn…

Anaya came to Lake Champlain tracking a supernatural killer. The human she meets is a pleasant distraction, but could she be more than that? How much can Anaya trust herself, and her magic?

Tara wasn’t expecting to meet the woman of her dreams at her small library. She’s asexual for starters, which has made finding someone compatible harder. She’s okay with that: she has friends and a decent life.

But this woman really stands out. Tara knows she’s found a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and she’s not about to let that get away. Even if it means following a human-looking unicorn into the stranger depths of the backwoods.

The Loch Ness Monster has been devoured…can Anaya and Tara keep the Lake Champlain Monster from being next?

Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Strings Attached

Rules of Chaos, Book 0

Battle musical chairs!

Half-fae/half-gnome Elsee has avoided the games and power plays of the Appalachian Faerie Court so far. She prefers hanging out with her grandfather in the stony caverns around Lookout Mountain, Georgia, and making music with the local humans.

But then her aunt, Queen Aoife, comes to claim Elsee’s most prized possession. When she can no longer avoid fae rules, Elsee must find her own way around them.

Because even family needs boundaries, and nobody touches this girl’s banjo.

Magic is moving. Things are stirring. Let the games begin…

A Rules of Chaos short story.

Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Supplication to a Demon

Demonic poetry from way back when.

My first piece of paid writing was a poem I sold to Dreams of Decadence, a small vampire poetry magazine. Later, it was selected for inclusion in their Best Of anthology.

My poem was more of a general demonic poem, but it works for vampires or demons, so imagine it whichever way you prefer.

And as a side note, I went to search for an image to include with this post, entered the term “demons,” and images of children started popping up…

This is a flashback to 2003 (but still available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble).

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