Free books at Smashwords!

One of the places I sell my ebooks is Smashwords. Now through July 31 they’re running their Summer Sale, which means you can get my books for free right now!

Strings Attached (Rules of Chaos Book 0) is a short story following Elsee, who’s half-fae/half-gnome, who ends up in a game of battle musical chairs with her aunt, the Appalachian Faerie Queen.

In Liminal Hearts (Rules of Chaos Book 1) unicorn Anaya and her new human friend Tara have to protect the Lake Champlain monster. But first they have to find him.

Book 3 will be coming out later this year, continuing Elsee’s story, and including some other familiar friends.

The Rules of Chaos books are all interconnected, with different main characters featured in each, but all characters continuing through the series. Each book has its own plotline, and there’s an overarching plot for the series that gets gradually revealed as things progress.

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