Faerie Tales

I’m working on book 2 of my Rules of Chaos series, which is going to center on half-fae/half-gnome Elsee. She starred in the short Strings Attached (book 0), and is back having to deal with family and fae politics and secrets.

When I was twelve years old I went to Ireland to sightsee and visit relatives. They were cousins of some sort, a bit removed. My dad’s grandparents had come to the US, and these relatives were the ones who stayed behind and their offspring. I got to see the family section of the local peat bog, and even helped dig some out. Back at the old family homestead, the fireplace was burning older peat, and Sonny, who was probably at least ninety, offered me some home-brewed Irish poitín to try (my parents refused for me). I didn’t know anything about alcohol back then, but I still knew it smelled pretty strong.

I’d grown up reading faerie tales of all sorts, and it was wonderful being at the center of some of my favorites. I’ve never been to Germany, but someday I’d like to explore those areas as well. Anyway, I always liked the combination of beauty and seduction with a kind of inhuman sensibility and creepiness. I’m hoping to capture some of that in Elsee’s book.

You can find Jim Fitzpatrick’s website here. BTW, he apparently also made that famous image of Che Guevara you can find everywhere.

Photo by Iain on Pexels.com

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