Who wants free books?

For the holidays, I’m giving away multiple print copies of Liminal Hearts, Rules of Chaos Book 1, and Strings Attached, Rules of Chaos Book 0 (a prequel short story).

In Strings Attached, half-fae/half-gnome Elsee is forced to deal with the Appalachian Faerie Court’s drama when her aunt, Queen Aoife, demands her most prized possession. Filled with music and magic, and possibly the world’s first musical chairs battle!

The first full book of the series, Liminal Hearts, follows unicorn Anaya and human Tara as they seek to find Vermont’s Lake Champlain monster. Because when a unicorn turns evil, only another unicorn can stop him.

These are both contemporary fantasies with LGBTQ+ characters (although it doesn’t come up in Elsee’s short; stay tuned for book 2 for more). Liminal Hearts includes an f/f asexual romantic storyline, and book 2 (coming in 2020) will have an f/m queerplatonic asexual/aromantic storyline.


To enter the giveaway, go to the pinned post on my Facebook page and comment, send me an e-mail letting me know you’d like to enter (I won’t add you to my mailing list unless you tell me to), or comment on my tweet announcing the giveaway (I can’t pin this one; sorry).

On Friday, December 13, I’ll announce the winners and contact you to get shipping info.

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