Liminal Hearts Release

Cover by Paul Pederson.

Liminal Hearts, book one of my Rules of Chaos series, is out!

When a unicorn turns evil, only another unicorn can stop him. But Anaya no longer has the magic she once did. She’ll need the help of her new human friend, as well as some fae and a rather quirky Vermonter. Set near Lake Champlain, Vermont.

Rules of Chaos will be a five book series (with occasional shorts, such as Strings Attached, also currently available):

Too many rules, too many binding traditions, too many restrictions. Too many people trying to impose their will on others.

These women have had enough, and are ready to remake the world the way they need it to be. But tearing down old systems causes a lot of chaos.

And who exactly is experimenting with the structure of reality itself?

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