Strings Attached Downloads Here!

Here it is! The e-book formatted, officially published version of the story that gets my whole new fantasy world going:


I’ve removed the download links, hopefully you got yours already; the short version is that I’m officially putting the story up for sale at the usual places 🙂 Slightly more details coming in a blog post soon. Thanks!


This is the prequel to the Rules of Chaos series, featuring half-faerie/half-gnome Elsee. She’ll be back again in book 2 of Rules of Chaos, dealing with her aunt and a few other issues. Things will be getting more troubled in her area, and unfortunately for Elsee, she’s not going to be able to stay out of this family squabble.

Book 1 should be released next June. It’s as yet untitled (naming and titling is hard!). The main characters you’ll meet here are Anaya (a unicorn, in human form most of the time, but capable of some pretty good mane-flying-in-the-breeze poses when she wants) and Tara (a human, who doesn’t have anywhere near as good hair, but still manages to make herself useful). You’ll also meet lake monsters, fae dating outside their age range, and some interesting Vermonters.

The whole series will involve a different set of main characters in each book, but be connected by an overarching plot thread that the characters are going to have to figure out and face before the end.

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