Blind Line

There’s an improv comedy game called Blind Line, where audience members shout out random sentences, which are then written down and scattered around the floor. The players, who haven’t heard these lines, come in and start improvising a scene. Every now and then they pick up a line from the floor, read it, and then have to figure out how to work it into the storyline. This usually has some pretty hilarious results.

My family has incorporated this into our day-to-day lives, calling out “blind line!” any time one of us makes a comment that may or may not make sense in context, but would just be confusing and bizarre if overheard by a miscellaneous passerby.

For example, this came from the art store yesterday: “Move your buttons over! They might squish my balls!”

I use a certain amount of freewriting in planning my stories, and I’ve noticed I self-generate some blind lines as well. So I figured I’d occasionally share them here.

My recent favorite:

“Will the unicorn explode at some point?”

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